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Reading with PS84 Lions


Supporting Your Child In Reading At Home


Welcome, parents! As we know, reading is fundamental and helping our children read and write is a special gift we can give.

Learning to read is also complex, but knowing that children don't learn one reading skill and then move on to the next in a step-by-step process helps! Instead, at different grade levels, children learn to do many things at the same time: decoding, reading with comfortable fluency, absorbing new vocabulary, understanding what the text says, and discovering that reading is pleasurable and builds knowledge about the world.


What Does It Take To Become A Strong Reader?

  1. Understanding what print is and parts of a book. (Print awareness- understanding that print carries meanings and that books contain letters and words!)

  2. Recognize the sounds in spoken words. (Phonological and phonemic awareness- ability to hear, identify and play with sounds in spoken language)

  3. Connect the sounds of speech with letters. (Phonics-the idea that letters represent sounds of spoken language)

  4. Reading with accuracy and expression. (Fluency- reading with accuracy, expression and a reasonable rate)

  5. Knowing what each word means. (Vocabulary-word knowledge, recognize and understand the meanings of words)

  6. Understanding what you just read. (Comprehension)

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