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All PS84 Students Learn
More Than One Language!

PS84 Offers Dual Language and

Computer Science/Media Arts Programs

Research Findings:

Bilingual people show increased activation in the brain region associated with cognitive skills like attention and inhibition.

Coding and programming has become a much-needed skill and it helps the brain develop as well. Coding exercises can activate the brain's learning centers. It can improve our memory, problem-solving skills and cognitive skills as well.

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The Power of Being a PS 84 Student

PS 84 understands that every child has gifts and talents! This is why we offer specialized programs that focus on learning more than one language. Scholars here ROAR with pride as they understand that knowing how to think and utilize more than one language enables them to think in more than one way! Add all our Arts programs and students here truly blossom to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and successful citizens of a global world who celebrate the beauty of diversity!

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of what our language programs are all about.


We Respect-We are Open-minded-We Achieve-We are Responsible!

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