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October SLT Minutes

The Lillian Weber School PS 84M

32 West 92nd Street ~ New York, NY 10025 ~ (212) 799-2534

Dr. Evelyn J. Lolis, Principal

Ms. Mary A. Acosta, Assistant Principal Mr. Lester Acevedo, Assistant Principal

School Leadership Team

Meeting Agenda – October 20, 2021

In Person

Members Present: Emily Hernandez, Josh Raskin, Dr. Evelyn Lolis, Beatrice Cano, Katie

Sheehan, Yasmin Jones, Charlene Etori, Alfra Ruiz, Alisha Zucker, Yesenia Paredes, Carly

Kleinjan, Olunife Ojediran, Neil Fitzgerald, Danielle Molins, Julian Pellaux

I. Call to Order

II. Introductions and Fun Facts

● Each member introduced themselves and shared a fun fact

III. Approval of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes

● Previous minutes approved

● Consensus on note-taker and timekeeper.

● Overall dates and time spent on SLT work (homework) Discussion of the

SLT framework.

IV. Reports:

● Principal’s Report

○ Strong Resilient NYC Schools -- Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

■ Every child is going to be assessed for social emotional development.

■ Classroom Teachers will have PD training.

■ Assessment will have 40 questions and be implemented


■ DOE will be sharing a letter with parents

■ Stanford Harmony is the DoE curriculum. RULER is also being used

in the classrooms.

■ A member described RULER and the use of the mood meter.

■ A member expressed the noticing of students emotional

development in the beginning of the school year. Children are using

words to describe their feelings and understand what they are doing

once feeling is labeled.

■ Goal is for students to recognize how other students are feeling and

how to support one another.

■ RULER teaches children to start using specific words for how they are

feeling and then to recognize other people’s needs based on their moods.

■ Cultural exchange is another component of this. We are a multicultural

community and we want to celebrate and cultivate that.

■ Teacher members spoke from their perspective about the importance

of conflict resolution.

■ Teacher spoke to the power of navigating through those things that

make us feel a certain way…can we fix whatever we are stuck on?

Starting with identifying what field you’re in. She feels it has been an

instrument in navigating our feelings now that we are back from

COVID…and that you can feel different things.

■ Member spoke to how it evolves as the children mature

○ Sol Bloom Park Update and Wall repair

■ The School Construction Authority (SCA) has begun the process and

principal is to meet with him on a regular basis.

■ The start and completion dates got pushed and pushed. Now they’re

saying early November, but there is not much confidence in this.

■ Wall mural symbolizes who we are as a school and we want to make

sure we do what is necessary to preserve it.

■ Blooms of diversity sends the message that we are all valuable. We

want our children to be proud and knowledgeable.

○ Update on Blooms of Diversity celebration

○ Covid-19 Partial Closing; Processes and Procedures

○ NWEA MAPS and Benchmark assessment

○ Academic recovery for special education

■ All of our schools will have measures of academic progress. ELA and

Math… it will tell us where the child is.

■ DoE is mandating academic recovery… and our students qualify for a

lot of money for afterschool support for children who are at 1s and 2.

■ Snacks will be provided. Some exercise will start in the afternoon,

then snack, then classroom.

■ Six children in a group. There are three levels of priority…level 1 is

about 100 students (starting in November) and level 2 is 60, level 3 is


● PTA Report

○ Met yesterday via Zoom.

○ Focus on having a class parent for every class, so communication gets to


○ Principal would like to meet with class parents regularly to counter

mis-information. Via Zoom meeting would be fine. They could be

emissaries when different messaging needs to be spread.

○ Renovating the library as old books are purged.

● After School Report

○ After school is happy to be back in the building. They are promoting

outdoor offerings so that they are not contributing to crowding inside the


○ Overall enrollment is about 2/3 of what it had been…not because of less

demand, but because they wanted to make sure that they came back in a

responsible way. As they get back into routine they will add more classes

and enroll more children.

V. Discussion of New Business Agenda

● Review Mission Statement

○ PS 84 Mission Statement:

The Lillian Weber School strives to provide equity and access for all

learners. We give our students the necessary tools to develop critical

thinking skills, a strong work ethic, and the sense of responsibility that are

crucial to creativity and independence in their quest for learning. PS 84

offers students a deep and complex understanding of the world, and

teaches them to be respectful and curious of diverse cultures and the

planet we share.

● Establish SLT Goals

○ Review Bylaws

■ Define consensus decision making

○ Review constituencies and our responsibilities to them

■ Spreading the word about our programs.

■ All admissions go through the DoE.

■ Discussion on: How are the programs being marketed? What is the

process? Some parents don’t know.

■ Possible action items: Bring back the tours. Go to a fair. Family

outreach. We are a zoned school first. Advertise around here. What

times are tours offered? What do tour guides look like? Moments of

engagement needed, because just a poster isn’t enough.

■ The conversation doesn’t end here. Improving diversity is a big part

of what we do here in the SLT.

● Set Norms

○ Example: start meetings with ____

● CSMA Programming

○ What can we do together to support our CSMA program? This is

something we can continue to work on.

VI. Creation of Agenda for the Next Meeting

a. Takeaways

b. Next steps

● Review Mission Statement

VII. Adjournment

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