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December SLT Minutes

The Lillian Weber School PS 84M

32 West 92nd Street ~ New York, NY 10025 ~ (212) 799-2534

Dr. Evelyn J. Lolis, Principal

Ms. Mary A. Acosta, Assistant Principal Mr. Lester Acevedo, Assistant Principal

School Leadership Team

Meeting Agenda – December 15, 2021

In Person

Members Present: Emily Hernandez, Josh Raskin, Lester Acevedo, Salima Djaoudi, Yasmin

Jones, Dr. Evelyn Lolis, Aifra Ruiz, Beatrice Cano, Peter Snyder, Julien Pellaux, Carly

Kleinjan, Alisha Zucker

I. Call to Order

II. Greetings: Members went around the room and said names, role and relationship to

the school.

III. Approval of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes - Approved

IV. Reports:

● Principal’s Report

○ Projected enrollment numbers came in

○ Dunkin Donuts $22K donation gifted yesterday

○ Teachers engaged in more training regarding DESSA data

● PTA Report

○ Library:

■ Planning to open January 4.

■ Still looking for parent volunteers.

○ After school:

■ Parents have expressed issues about price/options for afterschool.

■ Questions about staffing

V. Discussion of Unfinished Business Agenda Items

● Check in on next steps from last meeting

○ Checking on enrollment of neighborhood children as a priority

○ Subcommittee will put together a flyer/one pager

● PreK and K enrollment: update and options for reachout

○ Priority 1: Zone, Priority 2: Sibling, Priority 3: Pre-K

VI. Discussion of New Business Agenda

● CEP Goals

○ Student groups are chosen by DOE mandates and priority students.

○ Teachers and Administrators monitor all students.

○ SLT focuses on the CEP Goals and student subgroups.

○ The five categories for goals are mandated by the DOE.

○ Math Goal

■ 2021-2022 Math CEP goals are outlined The goal is 5% growth in

each category.

■ Goal #1 (all students)

● Goal (November): 72%

● Actual: 71%

■ Goal #2 (SWD)

● Reviewed what PLOP means: Present Levels of


● Reviewed an IEP sample for clarification.

● Parent voices are important in the IEP Process.

● Goal (November): 65%

● Actual:63%

■ Goal #3 (ELL)

● Goal: 61%

● Actual: 69%

○ ELA Goal

■ Running Records are used to collect data for ELA goals.

2021-2022 ELA CEP goals are outlined, explaining what goes into

them, such as running records, TC reading benchmarks, PLOP, IEPs. The

goal is 5% growth in each category.

● Goal #1 (All Students):

○ BOY (November) Goal: 3.04

○ Actual: 2.85 (Based on informal observation)

● Goal #2 (SWD)

○ BOY (November) Goal: 2.27

○ Actual: 2.12 (Based on informal observation)

○ Goal #2 (SWD)

● Goal #3 (ELL)

○ BOY (November) Goal: 1.51

○ Actual: 1.38 (Based on informal observation)

○ Attendance Goal

■ Attendance teacher visits home to check on chronically

absent students. Chronic absenteeism is flagged by the DOE

and is a percentage of days in school.

■ Goal 1 (Hispanic students- Improve 5% from 30-25%)

■ Goal 2 (SWD- Improve 5% from 28.5-23.5%)

■ Goal 3 (Black Students- Improve 5% from 29.4-24.4%)

○ Special Education Goal

■ PLOP= Present Level of Performance (first page of the IEP)

● Goal 1: Increase Strong Alliance between PLOP and

annual goals to 87%

○ Result: 100% (2/2)

● Goal 2: Include parent voice in the PLOP section of the

IEP, as seen by IEP reviews and parent surveys from 50%-80%.

○ Result: 100% (2/2)

● Goal 3: Improve student voice 25-75% will participate

in the input of their IEPs.

○ Result: 50% (1/2)

○ SEF - SEL Goal

■ Goal 1: Practices related to personal attention and support

will improve 2.4%, from 77.6-80%, as measured by positive

PS84 SEF survey, resulting in improved Collaborative and

Trusting Relationships.

● Budget sharing

○ Budget will be reviewed in regards to CEP goals in the next SLT meeting

on January 19, 2021 .

VII. Creation of Agenda for the Next Meeting

a. Takeaways

b. Next steps

● Supportive Environment Framework Review

● Supporting Diversity

VIII. Adjournment:

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