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November SLT Meeting

The Lillian Weber School PS 84M

32 West 92nd Street ~ New York, NY 10025 ~ (212) 799-2534

Dr. Evelyn J. Lolis, Principal

Ms. Mary A. Acosta, Assistant Principal Mr. Lester Acevedo, Assistant Principal

School Leadership Team

Meeting Agenda – November 17, 2021

In Person: Room 230

Members Present: Neil Fitzgerald, Katie Sheehan, Yesenia Paredes, Aifra Ruiz, Charlene

Etori, Alisha Zucker, Emily Hernandez, Josh Raskin, Dr. Evelyn Lolis, Salima Djaoudi, Carly

Kleinjan, Peter Snyder, Yasmin Jones

I. Call to Order / Introductions

II. Approval of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes

● Previous minutes approved

III. Reports:

● Principal’s Report

○ Federal Stimulus Funding regarding our budget

■ All schools to be held harmless for enrollment attrition

■ Money will not be taken out of our budget if we are not at full


■ More families are applying to our school

○ Special Education Recovery Intervention Program begins today

■ Academic Recovery Services: SPED population that experienced

various challenges last year. 1 adult for each group of 6 students. 2

students with a teacher 2 with a para

■ Begins today 2 priority groups

■ 1st group 30 students

■ 2nd group 30 student

■ 3rd group will begin

■ 11 classrooms on the 2nd floor

○ Kindergarten Tours to begin Dec 3 via Zoom through February

■ Begin virtually on 12/3- February (weekly on Thursdays for about 10

weeks). Will be filmed throughout the school to highlight

classrooms/specialty classes (filmed and edited) while Dr. Lolis and

Lester speak live. One tour will be for “in house parents,” and partner


■ Priority groups:

■ Zoned students, siblings, pre-k alumni, native speakers, special ed.

■ 6 Kindergarten tours

■ 3 Pre-K tours

■ 1 3-K tour

○ Concerns over sharing student data with third party vendors

■ The DOE was very concerned about this issue from the start and

set out to ensure student privacy. Savvas is heavily restricted from

sharing Data. This is part of the DOE contract.

■ Savvas cannot access the Google classrooms. The link of data is

with the teacher to Realize (DOE).

■ Teachers control the link and therefore the DOE.

■ Savvas is not allowed to look at data beyond the "school-level"

reports (District/School/Class(teacher)/Student data are collected

and viewed by the teacher and administration. Savvas cannot see

beyond the school-level data reports).

■ Savvas is fed the data of students via the DOE - STARS. The data

goes into Realize (That's DOE). They are not allowed to utilize the

data under any circumstance. Savvas is not allowed to change

passwords, usernames, or anything else.

■ Realize can also be accessed via TeachHub by the children using

their DOE credentials. That avoids Google.

● PTA Report

○ A Major focus of the PTA is getting some Committees formed and finding

parents to chair them.

○ Trying to bring the library back again.

■ Follow up with when the library is going to be open.

■ What kind of support does the librarian need?

● After School Report

Reports Next Steps:

IV. Discussion of Unfinished Business Agenda Items

● Review Mission Statement

○ PS 84 Mission Statement:

The Lillian Weber School strives to provide equity and access for all

learners. We give our students the necessary tools to develop critical

thinking skills, a strong work ethic, and the sense of responsibility that are

crucial to creativity and independence in their quest for learning. PS 84

offers students a deep and complex understanding of the world, and

teaches them to be respectful and curious of diverse cultures and the

planet we share.

Next Steps: We will table the discussion until all members are


V. Discussion of New Business Agenda

● DESSA update - SEL Lead Teacher to present

○ 40 Questions - Teacher explained the questions and the data that was


○ Intervention plans will be used based on the data that is collected

○ Intervention plans are included for all content areas

○ How do we

○ Who are the individual students and/or which items are needed to be

addressed school wide

○ 3 tiers - universal -School Wide needs, small group or class wide


○ Does not impact academic grading nor is it a diagnostic tool.

○ 4 week cycles, 1 and 2 assessing students by December 4th - 3

implement interventions and 4 monitor progress.

○ SEL will be presented at the Principal Cafe.

● CSMA Update with next steps:

○ We want to bridge the gap between what parents/students think the

CSMA program is and what exactly the CSMA program is.

○ Sharing information about the CSMA - One page informational sheet

○ CSMA teacher (Technology Teacher) is implementing a new curriculum

that supports CSMA and its goals.

○ A member reached out to Catch a Fire for support and was offered to get

on a waitlist because they are full at this moment.

○ CSMA Teachers are using the curriculum in the classroom

○ CSMA is a fairly new program.

○ Next Step: Placing slides on JPEG., Technology Teacher will complete her

informational page and then a meeting will be held.

● How to diversify enrollment for all 3 programs at all grade levels:

○ This will be done in a Sub-Committee

● Present about CEP goals and iPlan

○ Principal described the process in which CEP goals are created

○ Growth goals, not comparative

○ Math goal is by June 2022

○ ELA are using TC running records

○ Progress monitoring will happen twice a year.

○ Members have access to iplan to view CEP Goals

VI. Creation of Agenda for the Next Meeting

a. Takeaways

b. Next steps

● How do we resolve miscommunication

● CEP Goals progress monitoring

VII. Adjournment

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