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PS 84 The Lillian Weber School of the Arts is committed to preparing all students for global citizenship. We strongly believe that the Arts supports this vision.

What is art for PS 84 students?


We asked our Cultural Ambassadors their thoughts about art.

Responses were all about connectivity and relationships, and much broader than expected!


"Art is being creative."

"Art is an abstract way of thinking."

"Art is music, painting, film, etc."

"Art is like sports because I feel free to move."

"Art to me is coding, it is like another way to communicate."

"To me, it is when I am making new friends, art can be a handshake.”

"In fact, it is almost everything, it is whatever you say is art."




  • A school-wide initiative that brings together all arts-based programs and opportunities: performing arts, music, visual arts, cinema, and more.

  • Learning experiences for all students, from pre-K to 5th grade, to foster a better understanding and appreciation of cultures, world history, and geography through the Arts.

  • Aligned with our school mission, and reflecting the diverse identity of our school, the initiative is committed to equity and offers opportunities for all students to become more aware of the world we live in.

  • A group of devoted PS 84 teachers, administrators, parent leaders, and cultural organization partners organizes and supports the Windows to the World program. We encourage parents who want to share their passion for the Arts to join the team!




Making Sense of Scents: Pre-K

Children discover and begin to understand the magic of scent. They will smell new things, learn to identify individual scents, play olfactory games and create their own community scent for each class. 


One Two Tree: K and 1st grade

A two-year long program for K and 1st graders that encourages greater understanding about the role of trees and the importance of protecting nature through seminars with botanists, scientists, researchers, and artists.


Blooms of Multiculturalism & The Ideal Exhibition: K to 5th grade

Blooms of Multiculturalism: last year, all students in grades 1-5 participated in a collaborative painting experience with their peers. 5th graders then joined artist Hervé Tullet to paint one of the external walls of the school, creating a stunning “Blooms of Multiculturalism” mural to be enjoyed by the whole community for years to come.


Ideal Exhibition: this year, students are following the inspirations, reflections, processes and creative techniques of artist Hervé Tullet to create their own Ideal Exhibition. Workshops are held at PS 84, but also in collaboration with middle school students at Lafayette Academy.


Art is the Way: 4th and 5th grade

This program is made possible through a unique partnership with The Frick Collection, home to one of the world’s foremost collections of European fine and decorative arts, all housed in one of the last historic, gilded-age mansions of New York City. Based on common objectives and themes developed with PS 84 teachers, students have special access to works of art from the collection, both at the school and at the museum.

+ videos Art is the Way


International Movie Nights: all grades

PS 84 hosts evening screenings of beautiful movies accessible to all students and families. International movie nights offer a cultural alternative to the usually animated blockbusters, an opportunity for a family social outing, and a chance to see films that highlight different cultures and perspectives.


Community Partner projects: all grades


K: New York City Center - Creative Movement

1st Grade: International Folk Dance - Neighborhood Music and Arts

2nd Grade: 92 Street Y - Discover Music Series, Music of the Americas

Grades K, 1st & 2nd grades - Classical Music for Kids “ Peter and the Wolf”

3rd Grade: New York City Center - Flamenco dance residency & performance; Diller-
Quaile String Quartet - Concerts

4th grade: Magic Box Productions and New York City Center - Video and movement, reimagining “A Trip to the Moon”

5th grade: Symphony Space - Secret Histories; Juilliard School of Music - Young People’s concerts

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Special thanks to our partners:


The artist Hervé Tullet &

The Anne Fontaine Foundation

The Frick Collection

The New York Botanical Garden  

New York City Center

92 Street Y

Diller-Quaile String Quartet

Magic Box Productions 

Symphony Space

Juilliard School of Music