Summer In The City

Summer in the City: Summer Academy

Summer in the City's Summer Academy programs offer free, full-day summer programming with hands-on STEM activities, enriching reading and math curriculum, and visits to museums, parks, and other cultural sites. Students participating in Summer in the City programs will also receive free, healthy breakfast and lunch.

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  • Free transportation is provided, depending on students’ grade level and the distance between their residence and school. Learn more about student transportation services.

  • Summer Academy is for students who have not been recommended to attend Summer School.​

Second Grade

Students will be able to learn and play during the summer by joining Summer in the City’s Second Grade program. Second graders will explore STEM activities, and attend field trips, while also practicing their math and reading skills in preparation for third grade. Contact your child’s principal to enroll.


English Language Learners Summer Program

English Language Learners (ELLs) who are currently enrolled in grades 2-5 can continue strengthening their academic skills through fun and interactive activities during the summer. ELL programs also offer support to students who are currently enrolled in Spanish or Mandarin bilingual programs. Learn more about ELL programming. Contact your child's principal to enroll.


Family English Initiative

Families with students currently in kindergarten and first grade can learn English together and explore cultural institutions across the city. Learn more about the Family English Initiatives and apply.


Summer STEM

The study of science, technology, engineering, and math -- known as STEM -- encourages children to think critically and solve problems, skills that are valued in many of today’s jobs. There are two summer STEM programs offered this summer:


STEM Summer in the City

This five-week program helps students develop skills like coding and game design, along with robotics and the engineering design process. Students will also participate in art projects, field trips, and physical education. Programs are for students currently enrolled in grades 2-5.  Learn more about STEM Summer in the City and register for the program.


STEM Matters NYC Camp

STEM Matters NYC offers students programs that range from aviation to animal science, and oceanography to ecology. Students can participate in week-long camps. Programs are for students currently enrolled in grades K-5. Learn more about STEM Matters NYC and apply to the program.

Community Schools

Students at participating Community Schools can spend this summer learning through hands-on activities. This full-day program runs five days a week and is open to students who are currently enrolled in grades K-5. Learn more about the program and see if your student's school is participating