The P.S. 84 Music Program is designed to enrich our students and our community through the collaborative and communicative power of music and the arts. Students explore, create, observe, and perform music to build their technical and expressive skills, develop their artistry and a unique personal voice in music, and experience the power of music to communicate.


Our students understand music as a universal language and a legacy of expression in every culture. We collaborate with professional artists and arts organizations. Our active partnerships combine school and local community resources with the full range of New York City’s music and cultural institutions to create a fertile ground for our students’ music learning and creativity​​

Visual Arts


Our art program encompasses the major aspects of art including drawing, painting, weaving, collage, three-dimensional art/sculpture and the elements and principles of design. During art lessons students will participate in art making, ar

Literacy Through The Arts 


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Performing Arts


Our theater program is designed so that students have experience with theater concepts as well as an enrichment in English language arts, social studies, and science.  All students are expected to engage in improvisation, miming, and expressing various emotions through facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice.  Younger students have opportunities to recreate stories in literature by acting out the sequence of the story either with puppets or themselves.  They also mimic real-life experiences and act them out through dramatic play with the use of props. Older students have fun with various theater games that encourage working as an ensemble as well as sharpening their performance skills.  In addition, students research topics of interests that are either social studies or science-based and create scripts, props, and sets to help teach about or bring awareness to the topic by acting out their scripts.  Students also have opportunities to collaborate with each other throughout the planning process, as well as the performing process.  For performances, students can choose to either act in either lead rolls or as an extra as well as be part of the stage crew.  


Science Fair

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Our STEAM program is an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think broadly about real-world problems. Science and technology are interpreted through engineering and the arts, all based on mathematical principles to create a hands-on learning and inquiry-driven student experience.


Our science program is designed so that students receive hands-on, inquiry-based instruction. Students conduct experiments and discuss observations, data, and results in the same way true scientists do. This method of science instruction
not only ignites a passion for science early in life but also provides students with the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle any problem.