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Parent Orientation

September 2021 Parent Orientation Q&A

General Information

Q: Will the orientation slides be available later?

A: Yes, the presentation will be on the school website.

Q: Will the kids have specials?

A: Yes. all students will have specialty classes.

Q: What would be the best way to privately contact the school regarding more child-specific inquiries? Email or phone call

A: Please send an email with any questions or concerns.

Q: What outside facilities do you have at the school? Is there a way to tour the school?

A: We have access to a playground, and we also have a garden that is located on the 2nd floor of our school. At this moment we are not providing tours. We will be in the future.

Q: How many kids per class?

A: According to the DOE COVID-19 guidelines, each classroom can have a maximum of 29-31 students. This allows for 3 feet of separation.

School Information

Q: Is there a uniform? Dress code? A: We do not have uniforms. Please look at our student handbook for more information about our dress code.

Q: Who is the parent coordinator for Pre-K and what is the contact information? A: Ms. Anita Hauschild is the Parent Coordinator for the entire school. Her email is

Q: Is there a system for allowing adults to pick up kids? A: Parents/Guardians will fill out a pick-up form on the first day of school. Only adults listed will be able to pick up students. Should you need someone to pick up your child who is not on the list, please call the main office and provide their name, ID cards will be required during pick-up.

Q: Can you show us the classrooms? A: On the first day of school, 3K and Pre-K Parents/Guardians will be able to stay with their child in the classroom.

Q: Do we know if twins will be assigned the same group for the first week? A: This year, twins will be placed in the same class.

Q: Will the parent/teacher conferences be virtual again? A: Yes, the conferences will be held virtually.

Q: Are parents able to come to the classroom for drop-off? A: No, only parents in 3K classrooms will be allowed in the building.

Q: Will we receive a list of supplies our kids need to have/bring to school? A: Our school supply lists are on our school website and Padlet.

Q: Is there a parent whats' app or Facebook group? A: No, the school does not set these up, however, each classroom has a class parent, and this person is in charge of communicating important information with other parents.

Q: Is there a plan in place for children that need extra homework support (after school) due to lack of in-person learning during COVID times? A: Teachers will assess and monitor students’ progress and support all students as needed.

First Week of School

Q: We have not yet received info on who our teacher will be. Will we receive that prior to Sept. 13? A: All students will meet their teachers on September 13th, the first day of school

Q: How far in advance will we receive the email from the teacher? A: Teachers begin on the 9th and 10th of September

Q: In grade 3k, will a parent be joining their child for just the first day, or for the whole first abbreviated week? A: Parents will only join their child’s class on the first day of school, September 13th. Beginning September 14th, Parents will drop off their child at the designated entrance.

Q: When do we get our group assignments? Do we need these to plan drop off and pick up and childcare arrangements for that first week? A: All students will receive their classroom placements on the first day of school. Staff members with class rosters will assist in providing students and their parents/guardians with this information.

Q: School supplies for 3-k? A: The teacher will communicate supply needs to parents during the first few days. It is recommended that parents bring in a change of clothing for their child.

Q: What do we need to bring during the 1st week for Pre-K? A: The first week of school is a staggered schedule. Since students are in the classroom for a short period of time, nothing is needed! Teachers will provide further instructions on September 13th.

Q: The first day of school will obviously be anxiety-provoking - will there be any special assistance to help the children feel comfortable entering school? A: Absolutely, there will be teachers and other staff members at the entrances to welcome and support all students.

After-School Programs

Q: Does Pre-K offer an after-school program? A: In the past, Recreate has offered a Pre-K after-school program. Please contact ReCreate directly for further information

Q: Does Arts and Athletics pick up directly from the school? A: Yes.

Q: EFNY ends at 5 pm - which is early for working parents, what other programs do students typically do? A: Please contact the coordinators of “Recreate.”

Q: Will after-school start on the first of school? A: After-school programs begin 1-2 weeks after the first day of school.

Q: Will there be an after-school program? A: Yes, that information is available on the school website and padlet.

Q: How about Beacon/Riverside for afterschool? A: These afterschool programs are still available. Students will be picked up from school.

Safety & Covid-19

Q: Can you please discuss Covid Protocols. Masks, testing, shutdown guidelines A: Please visit our school website to learn more.

Q: Is everyone returning to school or is there still a remote learning option? A: Yes. Everyone will return to in-person classes.

Q: What happens if you aren't vaccinated? We cannot sit in the class with our child? A: Adults who are not vaccinated will not be allowed into the building.

Q: If you have one vaccination and the second one is scheduled after school starts can you still enter the building with one vaccination? A: Yes. Proof of vaccination is required.

Q: What changes have been made to the air filtration system since the pandemic started? A: Air conditioners were installed in all classrooms. Each room has an air purifier as well.

Q: Will the students maintain their distance in the classrooms? A: Yes, students will maintain three feet of distance.

Q: Is a mask going to be mandatory at all times? A: Yes.

Q: Will we need to complete Covid forms to enter school? A: Yes, daily health screening forms must be completed before entering the building.

Q: Will kids still wear masks at all times? including outdoor recess? A: Yes

Arrival & Drop-off

Q: What happens if you are dropping off two students in different classes? A: If you have children in different grades, please drop off the older child and then walk/stay with the younger ones. (Teachers will be located throughout the building to support students.)

Q: How does arrival time work? Is it tiered by class, and assigned? Is there early drop-off etc. to accommodate multiple kids? A: There is no early drop-off. We ask that older siblings are dropped off first.

Q: What happens if a Pre-K student arrives more than 5 minutes early? Do they just wait in line outside or is there a holding area they wait in? A: 3K and Pre-K students must remain with their parents/guardians outside until the doors open at 8:20 am.

Q: Will 8:30 start only apply to the 1st week for 3K? A: Yes, 8:20 AM arrival begins on September 20, 2021.

Q: Is Kindergarten going to have the same schedule as Pre-K? A: Kindergarten has a different schedule. Arrival begins at 8:20 AM on the first day of school and dismissal will be at 2:30 AM.

Q: Are parents able to come to the classroom for drop-off? A: No, only parents in 3k classrooms will be allowed in the building.

Q: Is the main entrance on 92nd and is that entrance for the first grade? A: Yes, 1st grade will use the main entrance doors.

Breakfast & Lunch

Q: What is considered a cold lunch? A: Please see the lunch menu for examples. The lunch menu can also be found on our school padlet.

Q: What will be served for breakfast/lunch as my child does not eat pork. How can I assure he would not be given any pork? A: All dietary restrictions will be followed. Please be sure to inform your child’s teacher using the Emergency Blue card.

Q: What if you do not want to participate in breakfast? A: Breakfast is optional, students will have a choice of another activity during this time.

Q: What proportion of kids bring lunch from home? A: It depends, but families are welcome to send their children to school with lunch.

Q: What time is lunch for K? A: 11:00 am- 11:50 am

Q: Will we know the menu of the food served for breakfast for K? A: Please see the lunch menu for examples. The lunch menu can also be found on our school padlet.

Q: I imagine if we need to avoid certain foods for breakfast/lunch we can specify that? A: Please notify your child’s teacher of any food allergies using the Emergency Blue Card.

Q: During breakfast in classrooms what are the other students doing? A: Breakfast will occur while students are doing their "do now" activity.

Q: Will lunch be served in the classroom? A: It depends on the grade, some students will eat in the classroom while others eat in the cafeteria.

Q: Can I have info about the lunch break? A: Please look on the school website or padlet for the orientation slides.

Recess & Movement

Q: Will Pre-K be going outside for Recess? A: Pre-K will have a daily outdoor (weather permitting) and/or movement schedule into their day.

Q: Does Kindergarten have any rest/downtime period during the day? A: No, only our 3k and Pre-K students do. Kindergarten students will have center time.

Q: What is the schedule for inside / outside for kindergarten? A: All information about schedules will be provided at our Back to School Night.

Q: Will there be 25 mins of outdoor recess (weather permitting)? A: Once the construction in the schoolyard is completed students will have recess outdoors.

Q: Will the kids (1st grade, for example) have additional outdoor time during the day? A: Children will have movement breaks throughout the day.

Dual Language

Q: Please explain how the Dual Language program will run this year. A: Our language programs will run as usual. You can expect to receive more information during our Back to School Night.

Q: Will there be a Dual Language French zoom meeting too? A: Not at this time.

Q: Is there more than one Spanish class? A: Each grade level has one Spanish dual language class.

Q: What was the Spanish afterschool program? A: CENY (Centro Educativo NY/Spanish After School


Q: How are we contacted if our child becomes sick at school? Will the teacher or school nurse contact us? A: The school nurse will communicate with families, using the information provided on the Emergency Blue Card.

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