• Dr. Evelyn J. Lolis

Note From The Principal's Desk

Dear PS 84 School Community,

These past few days have been truly wonderful seeing the school bustling with excited students as they meet their new teachers and make new friends! After careful review, we have realized the need to revise some of our logistical routines. Keeping our children safe is our priority. That said, we tweaked arrivals to be more organized and easy for parents to navigate. Please take some time to read the important information below:

1. ALL Students MUST be in the building before 8:25 AM. Beginning tomorrow, school doors will close promptly at 8:25 AM. All late students will need to go to the front entrance and marked late.

2. We realized that it was a bit challenging for Pre-K parents to drop off their child and older siblings. As such, the Pre-K arrivals entrance will stay on 91st Street side, but we will now use the Exit to the back alleyway, facing the playground. This way, the entrance for Grades 1 through 5 will be conveniently located in the alleyway as well, but on the 92nd Street side.

3. All Exits will close at 8:25 AM. Parents leaving strollers in the alleyway by 91 Street. will need to make sure they exit the building before the doors close.

4. We are aiming to implement the ID QR code system by next week. In order to make sure that no strangers/intruders have access to the building, PS 84 has adopted a new security system requiring adults to have a QR Code ID. All families with Pre-K and Kindergarten children are to receive two IDs. If there is another member in a family who will drop off a Pre-K or Kindergarten student, he/she will need to go to the front entrance and sign in with an appropriate photo ID. Please know as a courtesy, families wishing to have more than two IDs may purchase extra at cost of $5 per ID QR Code. Please note that the security system is an outside company and we have no control over the charge for extra ID QR Codes.

5. Lunch Recess for grade 2 through 5 As part of our school vision of creating opportunities for students from different programmatic cohorts to get to know one another and build strong friendships, students will go to lunch/recess with different classes on their grade each day of the week.

The new schedule for lunch/recess is as follows:

Lastly, tomorrow, our City will come together to mark the 18th anniversary of September 11, 2001. The Governor of New York signed a bill yesterday requiring every public school in New York State to observe a brief period of silence with their students at the opening of the school day on September 11 each year. Please be assured that this observance will be age appropriate and sensitively addressed. Wishing you all a pleasant rest of the day.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Evelyn J. Lolis


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