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Blooms of Multiculturalism at PS 84

Spring is in the air!

Many of you may have noticed the colorful flowering murals hanging in our school hallways. The artwork, created by PS 84 students is more than just happiness to look at. It is part of deliberate planning toward making our school mission become reality.

The Lillian Weber School fosters a collaborative environment that encourages students to be lifelong learners through the development of arts, academic, and social skills. We give our students the necessary tools to develop critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic that are crucial to creativity and independence in their quest for learning. We offer our students a deep and complex understanding of the world, and teach them to be respectful and curious of diverse cultures.

Blooms of Multiculturalism at PS 84 is inspired by the artist Hervé Tullet. This initiative has been in motion since the fall of 2017. Beginning with professional development with our school's staff, it is now being experienced by every student in grades 1 to 5. Currently gathering and passionately painting in the gymnasium, our students are in the process of creating beautiful colorful murals. Each grade specific, multi-sensory event involves hearing sounds that inspire individual creativity as it creates a collective work of art!

How does it happen? Students are given paint according to their classroom. This enables everyone to make sure that he/she paints next to another student from a different program --ensuring true integration! Students place their bright primary color acrylic paint to craft paper and each artistic stroke adds to the collective mural. After the painting activity, students are asked to step back and admire their work, while thinking of how it was created. The culminating epiphany... together, our diverse school creates beauty!

Seeing the success of Blooms of Multiculturalism at PS 84, the Cultural Arts Committee is now committed to spreading this message to our neighborhood community! Plans are in motion for creating an immense mural on the back of our school (facing the Sol Bloom Park). It will be made by our fifth grade students as their gift to PS 84 before moving up to middle school. Mr. Tullet will honor us with conducting the grand activity and will place his finishing artist's touch to extend the mural up to 20 feet high in late Spring.

We hope our mural will not only resonate with our students, but with all the members of our community. We hope it serves as a reminder that working side by side in diversity, we are the best we can be. And, we can create beauty for our world!

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