The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

One of the key factors that make PS 84 a successful school is help from our families.  With a strong Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and active parents, we can accomplish a lot to enhance students’ education.

There are many opportunities for parents to engage with teachers, administration and fellow parents inside and outside the school at fundraising, school spirit and educational events.  The PS 84 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organizes most of these events.

Every parent at PS 84 is a member of the PTA and is encouraged to be an active participant. Parent involvement is vital to our school’s success.  Budget cuts have affected all public schools in NYC, making it necessary for the PTA to raise funds to ensure that children can expect even basic necessities such as:

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs)

  • Math & reading coaches

  • Librarian & library supplies

  • Recess aides & enrichment

  • Garden teacher & garden supplies

  • Classroom technology

  • Nursing supplies & health programs

  • Wellness education

The largest portion of the PTA budget is allocated to the TA program.  The TA Fund raises money to ensure that TAs are in class every day to assist teachers and students in Pre-K, K and first grade.  Relying 100% on parent contributions – as the DOE does not provide any funding for such resources – the TA Fund plans dedicated fundraising campaigns to solicit donations.  


PS 84 PTA Events

The PTA is comprised of volunteers who raise money for programs that benefit students every day.  Aside from many fun family-oriented and community-building events organized throughout the year, the major fundraising initiatives not to be missed at PS 84 include:

  • Fall Fair

  • Latino Night

  • Bingo Night

  • Online Auction

  • International Night Out

  • Spring Fair

Although the PTA is the vehicle for raising funds for programs, fundraising isn’t the only way that PTA members support the school.  Other opportunities to get involved and help include:

  • Becoming a Class Parent

  • Joining the PTA executive board or the School Leadership Team (SLT)

  • Rallying parents to political action that helps PS 84 (i.e. participatory budgeting competitions or other sources of financial grants from our local representatives)

  • Volunteering on a school committee or even creating a new one

PS 84 has various committees and interesting projects that all need volunteers.  Visit the PTA contact page for committee chairs and their contact info.

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