By Juliette & Madeleine 4th Grade Students

Parents and teachers crowded around confident second graders as they read their meaningful and incisive poetry. Students worked very hard and put a lot of effort into writing their poems. This would be a memorable moment,  as they will probably have to face a larger crowd as they get older. It was a good time to practice their skills, and for the first time, face a large crowd of adults. As parents listened to their children, they finally understood all of the work that the students put into their poetry.

Students worked hard writing almost ten poems each! They worked every day for weeks to make their final poems perfect for today’s poetry slam. The students proudly presented their poems to all of the teachers, and parents in the cafeteria. “I’m very proud of the students. They brought up a lot of courage and hard work to present these poems,” says Ms. Greiner, an English second-grade teacher. By the end of the poetry slam, we saw how detailed and expressive student poems were, and we thought about how much work that would take when you’re in second grade. Way to go second graders!  We are all truly proud of you.