Bullying vs. Conflict

We need to clearly identify the difference between conflict and bullying, in order to appropriately respond to bullying incidents. While the two seem similar in some instances, there is actually a distinct difference.

Student/Parent Guide in Reporting Bullying/ Harassment Complaints

  1. Report the incident to the RFA liaison(s) or to any other school employee.

  2. Parents should request the OORs number for their records and so it can be referred to regarding the outcome of the investigation.

  3. The school must advise the parents of the alleged victim and the parents of the accused student whether or not the allegation are substantiated, consistent with state and federal laws regarding student records privacy.

  4. Where appropriate, the complaining student and the accused student should be referred to the guidance counselor, school social worker, psychologist or other appropriate school staff for separate counseling.

  5. Where appropriate, the principal/designee should utilize intervention methods, including sensitivity training, counseling, and/or referral to a community-based agency for counseling, support and education.

  6. Students who have been found to have violated this regulation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action pursuant to the Department of Education’s Discipline Code and Chancellor’s Regulation A-443.

  7. The principal/designee must follow up to ensure that the conduct has stopped.